Help! How do I start reading the Bible?

Maybe you’ve decided that this is the year that you want to start spending more time in your Bible. Recently, I asked Instagram what was stopping them from reading their Bible daily, and one person gave such an honest and vulnerable response.

 “I get confused and feel like I’m dumb because others seem to just know and understand. I just feel embarrassed. I would love to read it but it just overwhelms me

I imagine that we all have felt that way at some point. Numbers? Leviticus? Sometimes we read something and then wonder…what does that mean? Why is that in the Bible?

Isaiah 55:11 says “so my word that comes from my mouth will not return to me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” God’s word doesn’t return empty. Each verse was placed in the Bible by God for a reason- yes, even the book of Numbers.

“But, I know all of that..I just don’t know how to start!” you might be thinking!

Pray Before You Read

Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Thank Him for the Bible, and ask Him to help you understand what you are reading. Remember that the Bible is true, and everything is in it for a purpose.

Find the Right Translation

The King James Version is great for some people, but others might prefer another translation. I personally love my She Reads Truth Bible. The best Bible is one you will read. Don’t get too hung up in the details- choose something that will work best for you! You can always change your mind later- but don’t let the indecisiveness of a translation or brand keep you from getting into the word. 

Start with the Gospels

The gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are great books to start your Bible journey. Why? They talk about the life of Jesus- our hope and our redeemer. They are easier to understand than some of the Old Testament books!

Ask a Trusted Mentor or Pastor

Struggling with a passage? Reach out to a mentor or your pastor and ask them your questions! It’s ok to not understand and to feel confused. Parts of scripture are confusing. But, reading the Bible is vital to our walk with Jesus.

PS- This blog post is also a great resource!

If you need extra support or encouragement, please reach out to me on instagram - @ellyandgrace. I am so passionate about helping others develop their relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible!

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