HELP! Bible Reading! Where do I start?

HELP! I want to read the Bible but I don't know where to Start!

Recently, I asked my instagram friends how they were with their Bible reading habits. About 25% said they didn't know how to start or where their Bible was.

Friend, this blog post is for you. (Yes- YOU)

The best day to start reading your Bible is today! Please don't be negative to yourself if today is day one. Day one is better than day zero- congrats on making the decision to dig into The Word!

Here are some tips and helpful resources to get started based on some frequently asked questions or stumbling blocks!

1. Help! I need a Bible!

While I sometimes read on my phone (and there are several apps that you can download), I prefer my She Reads Truth Bible. It has wide margins (I love to keep notes in mine) and also has introduction pages at the beginning of each book.

It's also pretty easy to understand- it's a CSB translation. 

2. Help! I have a Bible, but I don't know what to read first!

It might be temping to start in Genesis (and that's totally fine!) but I would recommend reading the gospels first. Those are the first four books of the New Testament- Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Those tell the story of Jesus's birth-resurrection. 

I also really love Psalms and Proverbs- they are both in the Old Testament.

3. Help! I have a Bible, and I know what I want to read, but I struggle with trying to put it into my day.

This was something I really struggled with too- but I recently listened to an episode of 75 The Living Easy Podcast with Lindsey Maestas, and she talked about how if you're always looking for the perfect quiet time, you will often fall short. Your time with Jesus might be frequently interrupted by a child (that's something I deal with!), or a phone call, or something else.

There are always distractions. But, it is a discipline. If mornings are your time, consider spending the time you would have spent scrolling social media reading your Bible. Maybe instead of catching up on the news, you read a few verses.

Maybe you love audio books, so you listen to the Bible instead of listening to music on your way to the office or while you're headed to the grocery store.

If evenings are your time, maybe you read a chapter of the Bible instead of watching Netflix. 

Lastly- Give yourself grace. Don't be so afraid of failing that you don't start at all.

It is so much easier for the enemy to attack you when you don't know what God says. 

Do you have a good Bible reading habit! Please feel free to leave your tips in the comments below!

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  • Jill Jackson

    I love this! I struggled with guilt my entire adult life because I couldn’t make the perfect quiet time a habit. But what I finally understood was exactly what you said, it will not be perfect and distractions will happen. And that’s ok! As long as I am in the Word and seeking His face God will honor it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Janine Webster

    Thank you all good points and maybe to night is a good time to start.

  • Traci Kohl

    I love the “First5” app from Proverbs 32 ministries. They take you through the Bible with daily devotionals. The bare minimum is 5 minutes and it’s a great way to wake up in the morning. If you want more, there’s “more moments” on the app and even study guides to help you dig deeper. But, if all you have is 5 minutes, it’s still way better than nothing.

  • Sharon Seaman

    In 2019 with a friends advice I downloaded the READ THE BIBLE IN 1 YEAR APP! I did it and let the narrator read to me. I’m so Thankful!

  • Michelle Davis

    I usually pray before I read!! God usually takes me to the best scripture I can relate too!! Hes so awesome that way. Hes so perfect.
    Psalms, Proverbs, Acts, Job is where I ho when I dont where to start.❤

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