Trusting God's Plan

Have you ever felt like you're just an ordinary person in a world filled with extraordinary feats? I totally get that. Sometimes, it's easy to doubt whether our lives could really make a difference, especially when we compare ourselves to others. It's so easy to underestimate the power of God's plan for our lives.
We might think that we're too ordinary, too imperfect, or too small to make a difference in this world. But here's the thing: God doesn't see us that way. He sees each and every one of us as unique, valuable, and filled with potential! To Him, there's no such thing as "just ordinary." 
Throughout history, God has used 'ordinary' people to accomplish extraordinary things. He used Moses, a stutterer, to lead His people out of slavery. He used David, a shepherd boy, to defeat a giant and become a king. And He used a group of fishermen to spread the message of His love to the ends of the earth.
So, why not us? Why not you and me? We may not have all the answers, and we may not have it all together, but that's okay. God isn't looking for perfect people; He's looking for willing hearts. He's looking for people who are willing to say yes to His plan, even when it seems impossible.
And here's the best part: God's plan isn't limited by our limitations. He can use us right where we are, flaws and all. Who knows what incredible things He has in store for us?
After all, with God, the possibilities are endless. 💜

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