6 Tips to Read the Bible

Reading the Bible can be a struggle for believers at every stage of their faith journey. Where do I start? How do I know which translation to use? What’s with all these crazy names I can’t pronounce?! It can be overwhelming, but God’s word is His primary way of communicating with us, so it’s important that we learn how to use it! These tips can help you make the most of your Bible reading time:

  1. Schedule it in -

Life can be busy! A regular set time to read your Bible will develop into a habit you don’t want to miss. Many people like to spend time in the Word first thing in the morning so that it helps guide them throughout their day. Find what works best for you!

  1. Find a translation you enjoy -

There are multiple translations of the Bible available - each has its own unique voice while conveying the same message. Look for one that feels conversational to you. You may enjoy the extra insight in a study or devotional Bible, or even a journaling Bible if you’re the creative type.

  1. Take notes -

When reading a passage of scripture, keep a notebook handy and jot down interesting things you notice, questions you have, verses that stand out and speak to you. Think about how these verses apply to your life; write out a prayer in reaction to what you’ve read. Take time to dig deeper into the background, historical significance, and scholarly commentaries on things you’d like to know more about.

  1. Use technology -

Websites and apps make it so easy to get more out of your Bible reading. You can quickly search by subject or keyword, compare translations side by side, and even find reading plans to guide you. It’s super convenient to be able to pull up a helpful verse on your phone anytime you need it!

  1. Get a guide -

Reading the Bible cover to cover or flipping through and putting your finger on a random verse may work for some people, but usually it’s helpful to follow some sort of guide. Bible studies, daily devotionals and reading plans can help organize your study by book or subject and help you better familiarize yourself with the Bible’s content.

  1. Don’t give up -

Learning to read and understand the Bible is a lifelong pursuit. We all have to start somewhere, even if it’s one verse each day. Don’t be discouraged if it feels difficult in the beginning. God says we will find Him when we seek Him with all our heart, so keep coming back for more and He will reveal Himself to you!


Christy Kelly lives in Fenton, MO with her husband of nearly 15 years, 3 children, a dog, a fish, and a gecko. She loves to sing and serves as a worship leader at her home church. She has worked at Elly and Grace for over a year and enjoys using her photography skills to create product photos and fun model shoots with her co-workers! One of her favorite Bible verses is Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.

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  • Brenda Harvey

    I have been wanting to get into a Bible study for a very long time.

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