A Special Christmas Message

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? (really- comment and let me know! I’d love to hear)

For me, I always loved doing Journey to Bethlehem at my home town church. It was the first weekend of December, and I participated for around 20 years.

We didn’t get to participate last year, I was nervous to commit to something outside while 8 months pregnant, but we did get to go through the journey.

There were little kids in our family, and the kids were all very excited.

“Is that baby Jesus?”

They weren’t focused on what else they had going on, the weather, or what they were getting everyone for Christmas. They were focused on Jesus. I think we could all learn something from those kids!

Christmas is such a beautiful season. Can it be busy? Stressful? Exhausting? Yes- if you let it.

But it can also be meaningful. Magical. Calming.

I hope that, no matter how your Christmas looks this year, you can take a moment to read Luke 2. Remember the Christmas Story. Remember the reason that we celebrate Christmas!

From our Family to yours,

Merry Christmas.

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