4 Reminders When You're Discouraged

Anyone else feel like they are in a frustrating season?⁠⁠

I'm caught up in trying to do ALL THE THINGS with Grace because last summer was a bit of a wreck (not just the BIG thing that I won't type because I'll get a warning on this post...but she was in a brace 24/7 the entire summer too)⁠⁠
It's super easy to see social media as a highlight reel and think that everyone's life is perfect but yours.⁠⁠
If you're feeling discouraged (and even if you're not!) I hope these reminders encourage you!⁠⁠

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It's so easy to start comparing ourselves to others. (this is something I really struggle with!)

If we don't really watch our thoughts, we can be tempted to be envious of others instead of appreciating and enjoying what god has given us.

2. Remember that God Works in the Waiting

Maybe you feel like God has been silent, or you haven't had your prayer answered in the exact way you wanted.

Don't forget that God's ways are so much greater than our own- and His plans are for your good!

3. God is there through the mountains and valleys.

God is there-- whether you're going through a great season or a really hard season.

He hears your prayers! 

4. Don't forget to stay rooted in The Word (aka- the Bible!) 

It's sooo easy to get distracted in the day to day and forget to spend time with Jesus.

If you're not rooted in The Word, you can quickly drift away before you even realize what's happening.


What's something you remind yourself when you're feeling discouraged?




    Jesus suffered more than we ever will. We are here to help one another.

  • Julie Sloan

    I haven’t ordered one of your t-shirts yet, but I always check them out and will order, I’m sure, someday! My note is just to let you know that reading your “4 Reminders” left me with a smile and encouragement that such clear, true, Biblical truths are shared on your site! It is the salt and light we need in our world today!

  • Gina Turner

    When I am feeling down on myself or others, I stop and take a moment to tell God “thank you.” It’s amazing how you suddenly realize everything God has done for your good and how often we forget to praise him.

  • Marlys Jager

    When I feel anxiety I tell my self fight the fight
    everything is fine
    enjoy the day
    God is with you &
    will help you!

  • Laurie Duran

    I luv u gals/guys ❤️ Luv ur tee shirts and inspirational emails. Hav 2 shirts and will buy more. Partial to v necks. Pay day coming soon!

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