4 Reminders When You're Discouraged

Anyone else feel like they are in a frustrating season?⁠⁠

I'm caught up in trying to do ALL THE THINGS with Grace because last summer was a bit of a wreck (not just the BIG thing that I won't type because I'll get a warning on this post...but she was in a brace 24/7 the entire summer too)⁠⁠
It's super easy to see social media as a highlight reel and think that everyone's life is perfect but yours.⁠⁠
If you're feeling discouraged (and even if you're not!) I hope these reminders encourage you!⁠⁠

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It's so easy to start comparing ourselves to others. (this is something I really struggle with!)

If we don't really watch our thoughts, we can be tempted to be envious of others instead of appreciating and enjoying what god has given us.

2. Remember that God Works in the Waiting

Maybe you feel like God has been silent, or you haven't had your prayer answered in the exact way you wanted.

Don't forget that God's ways are so much greater than our own- and His plans are for your good!

3. God is there through the mountains and valleys.

God is there-- whether you're going through a great season or a really hard season.

He hears your prayers! 

4. Don't forget to stay rooted in The Word (aka- the Bible!) 

It's sooo easy to get distracted in the day to day and forget to spend time with Jesus.

If you're not rooted in The Word, you can quickly drift away before you even realize what's happening.


What's something you remind yourself when you're feeling discouraged?



  • Jo

    Thank You for the reminders. Prayers for you and your business.

  • Mj Caldwell

    The past 3 yrs have been one health issue after another for me. I have an amazing hubby who has been Chief cook & bottle washer around here.. plus my Uber for almost daily doc appts, PT, Medical tests etc. With that said, I will not dwell on my health beyond saying that God’s Grace, Strength and forgiveness has been what makes me get up each morning! Thnx to your testimonies today & thru your shirts, filled with encouragement, I am inspired. And, keeping my eye on the prize, I’m daily sharing encouragement and prayers to others, some I know, some thru FB needing a lift. Financial struggles are all around us. My hubby and I have been blessed thru so many bumps in the road, we are eager to share all we have in helping others. Yes, we know our togetherness is one of God’s big miracles. And all we can do for others is for Him!

  • Leslie Bake

    The emotion of discouragement is temporary and passes, just like thunderstorm. Like rain, discouragement comes and goes. In the trenches, we have God’s word to cling to and plenty of psalms where David was also discouraged.

  • Christine

    Thank you! I needed to read this encouragement today. God has been reminding me that the battle is not mine to fight, but God’s. This morning I read that His mercies are new every morning! What an Awesome God we serve.

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