4 Practical Tips for Creating Christian Discipline

Discipline can be difficult, it takes intentionality. For those who live from busy to busier this doesn't come easily. We have just a few practical tips that can help transform your personal discipleship!
  • Set reminders- Make it hard for yourself to forget prayer and bible time. Decide what times work best for you and set yourself up for success. Our phones make this so easy!

  • Join a group- Find a study group or discipleship class you think you would benefit from and join! You might have to look outside of your norm but they are available. If not, start one with your friends. Start right where you’re at. You could do it remotely or in person, whatever works for you!

  • Take note- Journaling and note taking can be an amazing resource! Jot down your own prayers, thoughts, questions. Take notes during your church service. Make it a habit to be intentional about your personal discipleship. If you don’t have your own words yet, try a study book first!

  • Connect- Find someone or multiple people (this could also look like a family member or spouse) who you can talk to about your walk. Keep each other accountable. Discuss your studies, prayers, thoughts, and lessons learned. In doing this you should find yourself naturally building one another up! Everyone needs community. If this isn’t something you practice; today is a great day to start!

Have a practical tip of your own to share? Comment down below!


  • Bridgette Mitchell

    I My sister and I read the Bible together every year. We change it up, chronological, straight through, historical, Professor Horner’s….90 day and we hold each other accountable.

  • Donna Reidland

    Great tips!

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