Why Take Notes?

Why take notes?

My natural tendency is to be a Martha. I’m typically trying to do a million things at once and focused on what needs to be done next.

Grace goes down for a nap? I’m doing a load of laundry and other various tasks.

I found that I was having trouble focusing on what the pastor was saying in church. I was thinking about everything else.

So, 4 weeks ago, I decided to start taking notes again....

...And it’s helped me focus SO much.

I love that I can refer back to the notes. If you’re like me, you think oh that’s good- I’ll try to remember it…and then it completely leaves your brain.

I’m so focused on catching every thing he says that I don’t have time to think about what I’m having for lunch.

I also love being able to share pieces of the message with you!

Note taking isn’t for everyone, and not everyone has the ability to take notes! Most of you who said you didn’t take notes listed kids as the reason. And that’s ok!

This is just what works for me- and if you also have trouble paying attention and have the ability to take notes…I highly recommend it!

What about you? Do you take notes during church? Why or why not?


  • Robin

    I take notes most of the time. It allows me to remember the message and have a place to refer back to when needed. As you discovered it helps you stay focused on the message as well as commit to memory and still have a reference.

  • Tammy Marple

    Love this! I do take notes also. I had done this years ago and then our pastor left and for some reason I quit taking notes. ( I’ll never know why I guess). But a little more than a year ago, ( right before COVID ), I finally listened to a friend and went to her church, and I’ve never left! The pastor really preaches the gospel and I hang on every word! I stated taking notes again snd it has helped me grow as a Christian and remember the importance of taking time for scripture reading and prayer, ( even if as a busy mom, grandma, homemaker,etc that means I have to get up an hour earlier!) it refreshes my soul and makes my day much better (even if by the world’s standard it is not such a good day).
    I am so happy I found your company! I love reading your blogs and your shirts are amazing!

    God Bless you

  • Laura Martin Andrus

    I do take notes. And they’re scattered all over the pages, sideways, big and little, boxed in, circles, and hearts. My notes look more like doodles but my brain can see a pattern in the style of text, font styles and spacing that I use. It’s almost a piece of art that I want to frame of my thoughts

  • Patt

    Yes, yes, yes! If I didn’t take notes it would be like being in a boat in the middle of a lake with out an oar . I take notes when on the phone, when I’m watching YouTube. When I go to the Doctors, because before I go if I have questions to ask, better write it down .this way when he answers I take notes. This means I have a few note books. Whew makes life easier. Thanks for your wonderful blogs.

  • Kate B

    I would love to take notes! It just never occurred to me to take notes during our priests homily. I’m Catholic and note taking is not common in our church. We are used to sitting and listening to the priest and the Bible readings. Notes are a good idea to write down important points, reminders and remember His word.

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