Women of the Bible: Deborah

"March on, my soul; be strong!" (Judges 5:21)

 Deborah of the Bible was many things. She was a wise prophet. A powerful leader. A judge of Israel. She wore many hats and had power in a time of Israel that let her make a difference by just listening to the word of her God. But first and foremost - she was a woman living under the authority of God who ensured that her actions and orders never outshone God’s word and glory was pointed back to the one who created it all.

 On the surface, Deborah received a message of success in war. She heard God’s calling that an attack on Sisera, the commander of the King of Canaan’s army, would be successful. She believed wholeheartedly and with great confidence in the words of guidance God spoke to her. She was leading Israel in a time of evil. Deborah shouted, “Barak, it's time to attack Sisera! Because today the Lord is going to help you defeat him. In fact, the Lord has already gone on ahead to fight for you.”  Judges 4:14

That line – “the Lord had already gone ahead to fight for you” shows her absolute confidence in his plans. Deborah was living under the full authority of God even though she was a leader. In times of uncertainty and strife it’s harder than ever to not feel defeated already. But that’s thing about Deborah – she didn’t accept that. She knew that the best laid plans of the Lord would guide their path – whether it be in the literal sense of providing war plans or simply giving you wisdom to make it through your day. Another translation of Judges 4:14 says:

"Go! This is the day the Lord has given Sisera into your hands. Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?". It is a war cry in times of sorrow and a reminder on days that we need strength and guidance. 

More than ever, the world is searching for strong women to stand out in faith and declare God’s word and truth. Both in the secular aspect of the world, as well as the body of Christ. We crave strength and courage to press on in a world full of dark days and a constant resounding echo to abandon our faith for temporary satisfaction. We search for more beauty, more followers, more money - and we do it under the pretense of God’s truth. We are girl bosses. We hustle. But none of that hustle or leadership matters when we forget the author of it all:

“It’s not about God being a part of your story; it’s about your being a part of His story. It’s not about who is for you or against you; it’s about who you are for. You are not just a woman who has authority; you are also a woman living under authority.” Michelle McClain-Walters, The Deborah Anointing

Hannah is a new wife and soon-to-be dog mom! Recently moving from Cincinnati to Indianapolis, her and her husband are making their new city their home. She is the author and creator of The Everything Enthusiast, faith and lifestyle blog. Her motto can be summed up in three words: caffeine, canines, & Christ. 


  • Debra Hubert

    I thank God for Jesus, I’m trusting in his words daily.

  • Debra Hubert

    I thank God for Jesus, I’m trusting in his words daily.


    Being a child of the 50’s, I thought I was named after Debbie Reynolds. This was an honor in itself, Later in life, I discovered my name is a Hebrew name….. The Greatest HONOR! Deborah was a prophetess, and leader of an army. She did God’s commands. I feel blessed.

  • Karen

    Great encouraging Word!

  • Debbie Dryden

    I have always been so happy that my name “Deborah” has the Biblical spelling!!

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