Why Take Notes?

Why take notes?

My natural tendency is to be a Martha. I’m typically trying to do a million things at once and focused on what needs to be done next.

Grace goes down for a nap? I’m doing a load of laundry and other various tasks.

I found that I was having trouble focusing on what the pastor was saying in church. I was thinking about everything else.

So, 4 weeks ago, I decided to start taking notes again....

...And it’s helped me focus SO much.

I love that I can refer back to the notes. If you’re like me, you think oh that’s good- I’ll try to remember it…and then it completely leaves your brain.

I’m so focused on catching every thing he says that I don’t have time to think about what I’m having for lunch.

I also love being able to share pieces of the message with you!

Note taking isn’t for everyone, and not everyone has the ability to take notes! Most of you who said you didn’t take notes listed kids as the reason. And that’s ok!

This is just what works for me- and if you also have trouble paying attention and have the ability to take notes…I highly recommend it!

What about you? Do you take notes during church? Why or why not?


  • Jerilyn

    All the time!

  • Karen Reece

    I have trouble taking notes bc then I miss the next important info.

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