What's So Great About Stickers?

What's so great about stickers? 🙄⁠

That's what I was wondering when a friend suggested them to me a few years ago. But, I trusted her, so I decided to give it a go.⁠

Now, we have several different designs on stickers.⁠
Our customers put them on:⁠
their cell phones, water bottles, computers, iPads, notebooks, Bibles...the list goes on and on.⁠

All of our stickers ship for F-R-E-E and make quick and easy "just because" gifts. ⁠


Each sticker points you to Jesus.⁠
"Give God Your Burdents"⁠
"Faith Believes God Will Keep Every Promise"⁠
"Love as You Have Been Loved"⁠
"The Light Shines in the Darkness"⁠
"My Identity is Found in Christ"⁠

and we have even more here!

Stickers don't typically restock - so if you see one you want - grab it ASAP!⁠

Which is your favorite?!

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