What God taught me in the Laundry Room!

God met me in the laundry room this morning.

It’s easy to think that what we do doesn’t make a difference.

I was folding laundry this morning with my toddler (not my favorite task!) and of course I had to fold several of my favorite shirts- each one serving as a reminder.

Made to worship ✔️ - reminder that I was made to worship Him, no matter what I’m doing- whether it’s doing a Facebook live or doing laundry!

Saved by Grace ✔️ - I’m not saved by anything I have done or could ever do. I’m only saved by the grace of God!

Perhaps you were made for such a time as This ✔️ - God created me on purpose for a purpose at this exact time in history. I matter to God.

That’s what I love about ellyandgrace shirts.

I am constantly reminding myself and those who see me of His promises- without saying a word.

So I snapped this picture as a reminder (laundry basket, dog bed, Grace in the background and all) that God always meets us where we are. Even in the laundry room.


  • Francine Beanan

    Thank you for that testimony. I wear your shirts every day. I feel like I’m putting on “the armor of God” each day. It’s a way of connecting with like-minded people without saying a word. I get compliments all the time on your shirts.

  • Jennifer Loftis

    Thank you for this reminder! Sometimes laundry can be mundane, my Elly and Grace shirts make me smile.

  • Wanda O'Toole

    I love your attitude!!! :)

  • Hannah

    So true!

  • Jeannette

    I love it when God speaks to me as I go about my day! Thank you for sharing this!

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