How To Turn Your Worry Into Worship

When we find ourselves in hard situations it's so easy to worry and start trying to control it all on our own. Sometimes I forget how much easier it is if I would just give it to God, pray for His will and turn my worry into worship. How do I do this? Worship music and Bible verses that remind us how good our God is.

5 songs that are ALWAYS on my worship list:

  1. I Am Not Alone ~ by Kari Jobe
  2. Thy Will Be Done ~ by Hillary Scott
  3. Oceans ~ by Hillsong United
  4. Good Good Father ~ by Chris Tomlin
  5. Scars ~ by I Am They

5 Bible Verses that I turn to:

  1. Psalm 34:8
  2. Psalm 107:1
  3. Isaiah 25:1
  4. 1 Chronicles 29:11
  5. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Next time you find yourself worrying, turn your focus on Him and His goodness! Turn up that music and open your Bible and you will find yourself with much more peace to make it through those hard days!

PS- If you're looking for an uplifting Christian Playlist, check out ellyandgrace on spotify!

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