Do You have an Idol?

I remember hearing about the golden calf in Sunday School when I was a kid and thinking....⁠
"who would do that?" ⁠

But idols can sneak up on us. Is there something keeping you from spending time with God or speaking about The Word?⁠

It could be an idol.⁠

If you're scrolling on your phone instead of doing your morning prayer time, it could an idol.⁠

If you're too worried about what others say to speak about Jesus, their opinions could be your idol.⁠

If you'd rather sleep in on Sundays and binge the latest Netflix series than go to church.....TV could be your idol.⁠

We have to constantly be on guard against putting other things before God- and honestly, it's especially hard during the summer!⁠

Are you struggling with an idol?⁠


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