How One Event at Church Changed my Life

I've been asked several times over the last 5 years...

"How did you come up with the idea for Elly and Grace?"

And it's kind of a weird story! I would say that the idea came to me from God- it wasn't really something I came up with.

I was feeling uninspired at my day job. I had been there several years, and loved my co-workers but I needed a change. But what? 

My plan had been to work at this job until I got pregnant, and then I would stay at home with our child. had been 3 years of struggling with infertility. I was becoming very unhappy. I was letting my circumstances steal my joy.

Our church had announced a Christian women's event...and I wasn't planning on attending. But, at the last minute, I felt in my spirit that I should go. I decided I would ONLY go if one of my friends also said she would go. She was a really busy person so I thought the chances were slim. 

To my surprise, she said yes!

We walked in to the event, and they had some super cute christian shirts for sale! We walked over to the booth, but they only had ladies smalls left. We were disappointed, but I didn't think anything else about it.

The topic was "Be Fearless"- and when speaker started talking, I heard this voice in my mind.

"You could start a Christian t-shirt company!"

I immediately thought -"that's kind of weird...I have no graphic design experience other than invitations for events and I wouldn't even know where to start!"

I went home and told my husband my idea- and he said I should go for it!

I did a ton of research, and it was a BIG deal when I bought the first equipment that I would need. 

Through trial and error, I figured out my methods...and God took the dream He gave me and grew it into something beyond my wildest dreams.

From an idea to reality.

From an unfinished basement to our own warehouse.

Maybe you are stuck somewhere and you don't know where to go. 

I have GOOD NEWS! God can use you right where you are. I wish I would have spent that time sharing His love with others instead of letting my job steal my joy.

Don't let your circumstances steal YOUR joy!





  • Lois Tejada

    I’m curious how you came to call the business ellyandgrace

  • Pameia Bennett

    Thank you for the lovely shirt thank the Lord for my salvation love what it says on my shirt thank you Pam Bennett.

  • Linda Younger

    What a beautiful story. Your shirts are a blessing to me. I had a problem with your discount and you quickly got back to me with help. That reminded me of a saying I heard from my pastor around 30-40 years ago. He said toWALK YOUR TALK. That is what you did to take care of my charge and I appreciate that. That might be good to put on a shirt. He is would be very surprised to see that.. Could I have a shirt made up with that saying? That would be awesome. Oh my goodness this grandmother is excited to think we could do that. Mike and his wife are the pastor and he is amazing (he would not agree but he has brought so many people to the Lord and walked with them through their growth as a Christian. Mike and Dee both.
    Wow sorry for rambling I usually don’t say alot. See this your beautiful story got me going. ☺
    Email me if this could be done.
    Also I saw Let go. Let God on a shirt you have. Can’t find it-can you help. Thank you so much to you and you group of ladies.

  • Marilyn Blanford

    Do you have or would you consider adding to your line – Practice Choosing JOY
    In these very stressful times I think we need to be reminded.

  • Tamra

    Hi, I loved reading about your journey to the creation of Elly and Grace, and it’s so obvious that God’s hand was in it all. Praise Him! His quality shows through you and your ministry. I am having the same prayer requests for myself. I have some talent but not sure what to do with it, and I want it to be for His glory. It seems so much more cut and dried for those whose gifts are outstanding. I describe myself as one who is good at many things but not exceptional about anything! Please pray for inspiration from God for me. I have a inkling but at 61 years of age, I need clear direction, confidence, and courage. Thank you and God bless.

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