Digging into the Word

Ever feel like the Bible is intimidating? ⁠
Maybe you're afraid of even starting to read it...⁠

>> If that's you, head to Isaiah 55:11 - that verse says that God's Word doesn't return void (or my version says "empty")⁠.

All of God's word impacts us. Even if we don't understand it in the moment.⁠

Common Problems and Solutions? I've got ya!⁠

1. I'm intimidated.
>> Start with the Gospels - they are easier to read and tell the story of Jesus.⁠

2. I hate reading.
>> Try listening to the Bible via an app!⁠

3. I don't know what Bible to start with.
>> The BEST Bible is the Bible you will read. That being said, my personal favorite is my "She Reads Truth Bible.⁠"

4. I'm afraid to write in my Bible.
>> That's ok! Use a notebook - you don't have to write in it at all - that's personal preference.⁠

5. I need a little help understanding it. 
>> I recommend the Daily Grace Co. Bible studies, but there are tons more out there!

6. I don't have the time.
>> This is where I'm going to give you a gentle nudge - you DO have time in the day, you're just prioritizing other things. Take 10 minutes each day for the next week to read the word and see how it transforms how you see God and how it transforms your day.⁠

The bottom line?
You're not alone, and there are SO many resources out there to help you. Feel free to drop a comment if you're struggling!

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