Christmas is HERE! Behind the Design

Is there anything better than Christmas time? This year, for me, Christmas is bringing something extra special- our baby girl is due January 4th!

But I always loved spending time with my family at Christmas, going to the Candlelight service at my grandma's church, when the congregation was still small enough to circle around the sanctuary, light real candles and sing silent night with no music.

This year, when I was working on the Christmas Collection, I wanted to bringing back some of your favorites, and also add new designs- and most importantly, I wanted the entire collection to help you remember the true reason for the season- JESUS!

So on that note, I wanted to highlight a few of my FAVORITES from this collection, and some of the meanings behind them.

I designed Go Jesus It's your Birthday 3 years ago for Christmas 2016 after a request from a sweet customer.

This was back when I was printing all the shirts myself in my unfinished basement- I'm so thankful to have an amazing team to help me now! (and yes- we still print and ship all the shirts ourselves from Missouri!)



Our Wonderful Counselor design (new this year) makes me smile every time I see it. When I was 11, the church I grew up in started doing a "Journey to Bethlehem" - and I was the servant to the Prophets of God. Each night, 60-70 times a night, I would hear the main prophet say this verse- and my mom was a guide, and she would always have the line right after.

So, when I got older and became a guide, that verse and line always held special meaning to me.


 Joy Nativity is back for the second year in a row! It's one of my favorites (and I wear it all the time too!) because it's simple and to the point, yet so powerful.

I drew the scene and wrote joy, and all of my handlettered designs are extra special to me!

Jesus is the reason for all of our joy, and He was born in a stable! To me, this design encompasses the true meaning of Christmas.

There are so many more fun designs in our Christmas Collection this year, and I hope you love wearing them as much as I loved creating them!



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