Book Dive: Esther

In this book we see many themes of faith and obedience to the Lord. God shows He can use anyone if they are willing

  • King Ahasuerus reigned from India to Ethiopia over 127 provinces. The king was looking for a new wife to serve as queen.
  • Women from all over his land were gathered for the king's consideration. Including a Jewish woman named Hadassah (Esther). She earned the attention of the king with her humility and beauty.
  • Esther was told by her uncle (Mordecai) to keep her family a secret, so no one would learn she was a Jew.
  • She became queen and was celebrated greatly in the kingdom with a feast and the king declared a holiday and gave gifts to the region in her honor.
  • Mordecai learned of a plot to harm the king and told Esther and the king was saved from harm. The king honored and celebrated Esther’s uncle for this.
  • Following this, Mordecai, refusing to bow to man, was found a Jew. The king's men sought to destroy all the Jews for not keeping the king's laws. The Jews kept the laws of God.
  • The King gave permissions for this to be carried out; all Jews in his Kingdom should be killed and their possessions taken
  • Esther was upset by this and argued with her uncle saying that she could not do anything to change the decision or she would be killed herself. 
  • Her uncle reminded her that “who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”- she responded and asked that her people fast for her sake and in three days she would approach the king
  • Esther knew this might end in her death, however the king favored her. She requested a banquet so that she could make a request for her people.
  • Meanwhile a plot to kill her uncle formed among the men in power, but the king had decided to honor Mordecai instead.
  • The queen made a request that her people might be saved and it was accepted by the king, who hung the man who sought to destroy the Jews.
  • Mordecai himself was granted the power to write a decree reversing the original decree intended to harm the Jews. The Jews should now fight in defense and take possessions.
  • The Jews fought mightily and were feared by many in the land and joy spread among the Jews
  • Esther’s bravery saved her people, God’s people.
  • Her faithfulness to God and honor for her family ensured the preservation of the Jews
  • This book also shows the importance of prayer and fasting, since Esther’s life was spared!

Esther and great faith, I hope this encouraged you and inspired you to read the book of Esther. 

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