Behind The Scenes: Thank You!

I snapped this picture a few moments before writing this post (postpartum hair regrowth no makeup and all) while working on a redesign of one of my most beloved Easter designs.

It’s emotional for me because I still remember calling my friend Taylor in 2016 and asking her if the saying made sense. She said it did…and in Easter 2017 we released it- and it went viral!

So much has happened since then! We were in our basement working 7 days a week. We’ve moved offices 3 times and now we have our own building.

I was doing almost every part of the business, and now we have an amazing team who does it better than I did- and I’m so thankful for that!

So, I’m in my office feeling all sorts of emotions, redesigning this design. Walking down memory lane just a bit.

Running a business isn’t always filled with happy emotions. It’s STRESSFUL and messy but also beautiful and fulfilling. And our ellyandgrace community is one of my favorite parts - if you're reading this, you're included!

Thank you for supporting ellyandgrace! Whether you’ve made a purchase, or liked/cheered us on via social media—

I know there are a LOT of untrustworthy companies out there ( I just made a purchase mistake LAST WEEK- I didn’t take my own advice on how to avoid scammy companies 🙈) - but I hope you know that you can trust us!


Since the beginning, our mission has been to uplift, inspire & point others to Jesus with our super soft and comfy apparel!

We are always available via email ( and via phone- 636-229-1617. 

🤍 Brenna


  • Rikkena McLean

    Easter 2017 I came across your site and made a purchase. As I am reading this post it made me feel as though I was right there with you!! I have received so many compliments and it’s still my favorite tee! As this Easter season draws near it’s time for and upgrade as it allows me to refocus my faith on the biggest and best Spoiler Alert!!
    Thank you for making people smile as they relate to my shirt!!

  • Linda

    I have ordeted a few shirts and just say they are all great quality and the material is so soft. And the verses you choose are spot on. Please keep up the great work and may God richly bless all of you.

  • Jackie Lambes

    So happy to read of your success,especially during such trying times. I think that says a lot about the message you are putting out there.

  • Maria Miller

    Love, trust and support you and your team! Love, Maria

  • Laura Golanch

    I love your designs, would love to purchase all of them, but well, not a millionaire. Not in dollars, I am blessed in my life, my work and my family and friends. Best of luck in all you do!

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