Behind the Design: Jewelry

Each piece in our new jewelry collection was handcrafted just for you- choose from sterling silver or 14k gold filled for each of our 5 pieces.

I designed each piece to help remind you of God's love and goodness and to help encourage you.

 Even if is my personal favorite- and a great reminder that even if (insert ANYTHING here) happens, God is still good, and He is still God.

 I'll be wearing this one in gold! (It's also my mom's favorite too.)

 Where would we be without God's Grace?

This dainty flower (different than the one on the beloved bar necklace) is one of my favorite pieces.

While I named it Grace (and it comes on the Grace card), it can symbolize any fruit of the spirit.

Friend- God made you to be uniquely yourself- there is no one else like you! 

The beloved necklace was made for the person who needs to be reminded of how loved she is by God.

 I added a flower after the word to symbolize how we are all different, yet all beautiful to God.

The faith over fear will be the perfect piece for you if you struggle with fear. Fear can sneak up on you and root into your life before you even realize it.

This design reminds me to put my faith in God, and not to let fear take over. In a time where there is so much we could be fearful of, it's important to remember who is on the throne.

I designed the choose joy bar necklace for those of us who struggle with being joyful. It's sometimes much too easy to get caught up in the day to day, and start focusing on what's going wrong, instead of our blessings.

This necklace will remind you to continually choose joy- that joy is a choice that can be made regardless of your circumstances, and that true joy is found through Jesus. 

Each piece is shipped in a gift box and is individually wrapped in a plastic envelope with a special scripture art card attached with 1-3 business days of ordering.

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