5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Toddlers About Jesus

Grace was born in January 2020, and I've been working hard on how to share Jesus with her in ways that she understands. Here are some practical tips to help you share Jesus with your toddlers!

1. Listen to Christian Music! 

Music is a great way to teach your child about Jesus. Grace's favorite song is "House of the Lord" by Phil Wickham...she loves clapping and always asks me to play "House Lord". Children pick up on everything, so christian music is a great (and fun!) way to bring Jesus into the day to day! (and yes- we listen to a LOT of veggie tales)

2. Sing Jesus loves (first name of child) instead of "you"

Toddlers can struggle with pronouns, so singing "Jesus Loves Grace" makes it super obvious who I'm talking about. Grace asks for this song every night before bed. (I originally got this idea from the Bless it or Block it podcast!) 

3. Pray before Meals

This is a great habit to develop early! We fold our hands, and say that it's time to pray. Most of the time, she squeezes her eyes closed, but it's important that her dad and I set the example. 

I really realized how much it was working the other day, when we went to a children's museum with a fake pizza parlor, and Grace brought me pizza and then folded her hands and said "pray".

Praying before meals might not be something you did growing up, or you might feel silly doing it, but it's a great way to establish an attitude of thankfulness with your child!

4. Pray blessings over them & make prayer a regular part of your day.

Every night before bed, pray a blessing over your child. Some of my favorites are Numbers 6:24-26 (May the Lord bless you and keep you...) and Romans 15:13 (May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.)

5. Let your child(ren) see you reading your Bible and let them "read" their Bible!

Sometimes when Grace is eating breakfast, I get my bible out and start reading. She also has a Jesus Storybook Bible and carries it around the house saying "My Bible" It's a great way to get your child into the Bible reading habit early!

Do you have another tip? Put it in the comments and I might do a part two!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brenna is the founder and creative mind behind ellyandgrace- a christian apparel company. She's a toddler mom and passionate about empowering women to read the bible and share their faith. Hang out with her on instagram (@ellyandgrace) and tiktok (@ellyandgraceofficial) and be sure to sign up for the ellyandgrace email list for a special coupon! elly.gr/vip

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