3 Tips to Create a Bible Routine

Imagine your perfect time with God.

For me, I'm sitting at my kitchen table. Light is streaming in *just right* and I have my favorite drink (iced vanilla chai). I open my bible and spend time with Jesus in peace and quiet.

Maybe your perfect time with God looks the same. Or maybe it's different.

Maybe you've caught yourself thinking "if the time isn't perfect I'm not going to bother".

Time with God might not be perfect, but it is so important. 

Here are 3 tips to help create a consistent bible routine:
1. Don't stress about the details. 

 It might look like listening to the Bible on your morning commute.

It might look like a few moments right before you exhaustedly close your eyes.

It might be full of sticky hands, cheerios on the floor and loud toddlers.

God doesn't care whether your time or heart is perfect- most of the time it won't be.

2. Consider a change in study, translation or theme.
When I'm feeling stuck, I start a new study. The Armor of God is a great thing to study, and I also love reading about the Women of the Bible!

3. Make it easy
Put your study items where you can see them. If you're using physical items, keep them on your kitchen table or nightstand. More of a Bible app gal? Move all your apps to the second screen and leave the Bible app on the first screen. Or, set your phone background to a Bible verse or something that says "Bible Time!" 

God doesn't care about the perfect instagram moment- He cares about your time and your heart.

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