Your Top Tips for Bible Reading!

I asked the ellyandgrace instagram community..."what would you tell someone who is JUST starting out on their Bible reading journey?" And they gave so many great tips! Here are some of the best ones!

If you're ready to start reading the Bible, I hope this post encourages you- the majority of responses mentioned not getting discouraged. Parts of the Bible can be challenging to read or understand, but it is all well worth it!

Pray before reading and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, discernment and understanding.

Get an easy translation to understand (ESV, CSB, NIV, NLT)

Don't get caught up in the weeds of Numbers or Leviticus

It's a story as well as a guide to how to live. Go as quickly or slowly as you like.

You don't have to go in order like a piece of fiction. Don't start at the beginning and read straight through.

Get a red letter Bible and read the red letters (the red letters are what Jesus said)

Start in the New Testament- the letters from Paul (Colossians, etc.) or the gospels!

Don't worry about your note-taking style. You'll figure out your own perfect style!

Don't be afraid to write in your Bible! But if that's not your style, it's ok! Get a separate journal if you don't want to mark in your Bible.

Keep reading! God wants you to know Him as much as He knows you. It will change your life.

Don't get discouraged, even if you miss a day or 20, pick back up where you left off.

There's no shame in asking your pastor questions!

Read even when you don't feel like it- that's often when you need it the most.

Sit where you won't be disturbed and give yourself a few moments to breathe.

Struggling with consistency? Start slow! A psalm and a proverb a day is a great start.

Follow the Bible Recap on YouVersion. They have 6 minute podcast that's so helpful!

Find a good commentary to keep on hand. I started using one last year and it made a HUGE difference!

It's OK to fall behind on your reading plan. Take your time/ask questions- even the "stupid" ones!

Blue letter Bible app is a million resources in one

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  • Susan Meade Bennett

    I have used The Bible Recap by Tara Leigh Cobble and it is great. I started a year ago and read the whole Bible and now I am doing it again.

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