What I Learned When I Missed Church...

So my original plan was to share my church notes right now...but God had other plans.

Even though I didn’t get to go to church today, I still was reminded of something so important.

Grace was being a little bit of a pain this morning...but I wasn’t going to let it keep me from going to church!

So, off we went. I was cringing the entire way there because I knew we were going to be about 2 minutes late and I really like being on time.

We walk in to the lobby, and Grace almost immediately projectile vomits all over me, her, and the floor in the church lobby this morning (side note, she’s playing now- she’s ok!)

Almost immediately, even though the service had started about a minute prior, there were several people surrounding us helping me, taking my purse and her bear, offering napkins. I (being myself) was kind of freaking out.

One woman looked at me, and said we can clean all of this up, it’s fine- but what do you need? How can we help you?

That is how you be the church.

That is how you show Jesus to others. By meeting them where they are and caring for them as people. It was a humbling reminder that how we treat people always matters.

We went home of course, so I don’t have any notes. But, I still wanted to share that important lesson.


  • Patti O

    That was a nice story from a great Mom. Keep spreading the word of Jesus. 🙏

  • Betty Monda

    This was a great testimony of what the church is. Thank you for sharing.

  • Candace Takacs

    yes, definitely can feel the love in your story!

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing. I love what you said; meeting people where they’re at. Yes, that is Jesus♥️

  • Sheryl

    That is a beautiful testimony we can all learn from. My daily prayer is that I would be more like Jesus and less like me. God bless

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