When God Says No

You know those prayers where we have it all figured out? We know exactly what we need. Exactly what we want. We hand God our intricate plan on a silver platter, and pray that He answers it exactly as we've laid out. We've graciously done all the hard work for Him--all God has to do is fulfill it! As long as things go according to our plan, everything will be perfect!... Right? 

Does this sound at all familiar? Because, I'll be honest -- definitely been there, definitely done that! 😅 But where the real beauty lies is in those times when God gently says 'no' to what we think we want--and hands us something way, way better.

Let's rewind to that one prayer that had me convinced I needed exactly what I asked for. Oh, how I was sure that was the missing piece to my puzzle! But God, in His infinite wisdom, had a different route in mind—a scenic detour leading to an unforeseen destination. (As someone who likes to hold the map, I was not immediately on board with this alteration to my plan). 😆 

But, looking back, I've realized God's 'no' was the most loving redirection! I can honestly say, His plans are far grander than my limited vision. Those prayers that seemed unanswered at first? They lead to the most beautiful outcomes. His 'no' opens doors we didn't even know existed. 

Lesson learned: God's way is always, always better. 😊 As we navigate our faith journey, let's remember that every twist, turn, and unexpected detour is a part of the ultimate Creator's master plan!

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  • Janis Kaghazwala

    Thank you for sharing!
    It is with love, trust, faith & blessed assurance that the grace of God can be revealed in ways that are sometimes beyond our understanding.

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