Valentine's Day -- Self Love, or Selfless Love?

In the midst of decadent chocolates, swoon-worthy roses, and sweeping romantic gestures that all come with the approach of Valentine's Day, it seems that the message of Self Love is broadcast almost as loudly as the plucky background music of a RomCom movie.

But what about Selfless Love? Why don't we ever see that promoted on billboards or television commercials? Let's take a moment to explore the delicate balance between self-love and selfless love. What's the difference, and why is that distinction important? 

Self-love is often praised as being essential to our well-being. It's the practice of putting ourselves first, not just by recognizing our worth, but by dismissing anything that doesn't 'serve' us. So how, in the midst of celebrating ourselves, do we maintain a heart of selfless love—a love that extends beyond our own desires and embraces the needs of others?

Let's look deeper at these two different forms of love:

  1.  Mainstream media tells us that Self Love is about putting ourselves first, that we should only ever consider what's best for us, regardless of anyone else. If it doesn't serve us, it isn't for us. 

  2. But according to the Bible, Self Love isn't about putting ourselves first. It's about loving ourselves because we are created by God, made in His image--made by the same creator who paints breathtaking sunsets and draws sparkling constellations across the night sky. 

  3. Self Love is often portrayed in a 'I have to love myself before I can properly love someone else' perspective.

  4. But the Bible says differently. It tells us to selflessly love our neighbor as God loves us. The whole reason we can show love to others is because of God's love for us. 

This Valentine's Day, let's shift the Self Love narrative. Let's cultivate a heart that generously gives selflessly to others--the way Christ shows selfless, unconditional love to us. Let's Love Like Jesus. 💛 

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