Finding Hope in the Winter Gloom


Winter often feels like a blanket, wrapping us up in long, bitterly chilly days. The sun seems to hide away, turning the sky an uninspiring grey blob. It's easy to feel a bit downcast amidst the gloom, isn't it?

But there's hope--little ways we can tackle the first few months of the year.

  1. Embrace the Quiet: I know--easier said than done. If you're anything like me, rest is not a thing you do well. But luckily, winter's hushed days invite us to sit in moments of quiet, to find comfort in the stillness. To give ourselves permission to take things at a slower, easier pace. 

  2. Take Cues from Nature: Winter has always been the hardest season for me to weather. Bundling up in heavy layers, shivering until my teeth rattle, and trudging through snow up to my shins is not my fun activity of choice. 😅 But by taking my cues from nature, and seeing how God literally designed rest into the winter season, it makes me feel less guilty about not feeling as motivated, or not being as productive. Makes me dislike the cold (a teensy bit) less. We need these quieter moments--to rejuvenate our souls, and to prepare for the vibrant, warmer seasons to come.

As the winter days linger, (and sometimes feel endless), don't lose heart! Let's embrace the quiet beauty of this season, together. Let's find hope in the promise of spring, and remember that even amidst the gloom, there's still sunlight shining behind all those grey clouds.


  • Patricia

    The Joy of The Lord is my strength✝️💟

  • Holly

    Very encouraging message. Love it. Holly

  • Judi Flickinger

    Just what I needed! Thanks.

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