The 1 Quote You Need to Read When You’re Stressed

Wake up.Get ready.
Go to work. Work work work. Put out fires, eat lunch. Go to a meeting, hop on a conference call. Hit major traffic on the way home. 
Get home. Make dinner, eat dinner and clean up. Do some laundry, fold the laundry.
Go to bed. Wake up. Do it all over again!

Sometimes, isn't it easier to focus on the negative?

Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a time in the future where you were married, had kids, graduated, retired, bought a house, moved out of your house?

I have! I'm right there with you.

This January, I decided to set a word for the year. I've never done this before! My word this year is "REST" and I'm going to focus on being happy in the present and not wishing for the future. And on being too blessed to be stressed.

And every time I see this shirt, I am reminded of my intention for the year.

What about you? Do you tend to focus on the stress and not on the blessing? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

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