Thy Will Be Done

I was sitting in the steak and shake drive thru when I got a facebook message notification.

Since steak and shake is incredibly slow, I pulled up the message from a sweet girl that I went to high school with...

"Someone shared this today on my Facebook, and I thought it was definitely worth passing along"

No, it wasn't a forward this to 5 friends and you'll get a million dollars...

It was the music video for a new song by Hillary Scott. A song that, at the time, I'd never heard before!

"Thy Will Be Done"

I watched the whole video (the line never moved) And Wow- so powerful. ALL the feels & tears! The poor girl in the drive thru window probably thought I was having a meltdown...but that song spoke to my soul!

I originally designed this shirt before that song became so popular- but now, in my mind, this design will forever be associated with that hauntingly beautiful song.

Want your own tee? --> Thy Will Be Done Sleeve Shirt

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  • Angela Carpenter


    This song is the reason for me ordering my two “Thy will be done” shirts. My best friend and I hadn’t spoke in two and a half years as I was in a 30 month treatment center for substance abuse and was only permitted to have contact with immediate family. When I got out, she sent me this song and said that she listened to it a lot and thought of me while I was in there. I have been sober since Dec 25, 2015 and live independently in Hawaii, we are planning her trip out here :) I just put her “Thy will be done” shirt in the mail to her yesterday! This means so much to me, thank you for playing a part in our journey :)

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