Things You Might Not Know About: Rahab

In this Character Dive we are taking a look at Rahab. Rahab's story is found in Joshua 2, woven into the story of Joshua and the Promised land
  • A woman of promiscuous lifestyle chose loyalty to the God of Joshua and the Israelites. 

  • She harbored their spies and protected their whereabouts in trade for her and her family's lives. 

  • She was spared from defeat because she was willing to stand for justice

  • She later appears in the Genealogy of Jesus, her story didn't end like many other gentiles. 

  • She paved her own way into the hearts and lives of the Children of God

  • Let this be an example to us! You are not too far gone. You have not disqualified yourself, you can still choose God. Stand for what is right and let Him write your story.

Your story might be unexpected too but God can still use you! I pray this encourages you today

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