Things You Might Not Know About: Elizabeth

In this Character Dive we are taking a look at Elizabeth. Elizabeth's story is found in Luke 1, woven into the story of Mary and Jesus. Setting the stage for the Messiah.

  •  Elizabeth was advanced in years and unable to bear children. 
  • Her and her husband were found righteous in the eyes of the Lord, Zechariah was serving as priest

  • She was obedient to the commandments of God and He was faithful to her, giving her a son

  • Her son was foretold by Gabriel to be a prophet and man of God who would turn hearts of Israel

  • She was a relative of Mary the mother of Jesus and they spent many months pregnant together, believing on the promises of the Lord for their children

  • She was filled with the Holy Spirit from experiencing the presence of Jesus while he was still in Mary’s womb

  • She named her son John despite the family lineage, he should have been named after his father Zechariah

  • She lived an amazing testimony because she was strong in her faith, she trusted in the Lord and lived to see the fruit of her faith

  • She played an important part in preparing the way for the Messiah

  • She not only had to be faithful in becoming a mother but she had to guide her son in holiness to the Lord, abstaining from alcohol and living in the wilderness.

  • Her path was not easy, much of it required hiding and protecting her family from the public eye 

  • Her calling was so unique but she remained focused on God

Your story might be unexpected too but God can still use you! I pray this encourages you today

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