Real Talk.

Okay, real talk...

If the only time you're spending with God is when you're reading captions on social media or your favorite're doing yourself a disservice.⁠

DON'T MISUNDERSTAND THOUGH - There are so many people that point others to Jesus and their online work MATTERS. I also love reading!⁠

BUT - If you haven't cracked open your Bible (or your Bible app) this month, you can't be as close to God.⁠

If you haven't prayed recently, you aren't spending time with Him.⁠

Think of it this way.

You have a friend who you love and who loves you. But, you never text or call. You never write. They call you, and you ignore it. They invite you to dinner and you blow them off. Will your relationship suffer?⁠


Here are 3 chapters you can read right now!⁠

>> Psalm 31 - A Plea for Protection⁠
>> Psalm 63 - Praise God Who Satisfies⁠
>> Philippians 4- Encouragement⁠

Consider this your gentle nudge to get back into your Bible if you've taken some time off. ⁠

>> Let us know what you're reading below - others might be inspired!⁠

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  • Anniemoe

    Needed this “nudge”. ❤️😊

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