RAISING WARRIORS - Part 2 - Serve Together

PART 2 - Serve Together

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Raising Warriors series! We hope it’s been helpful so far and we’d love to hear how you’ve implemented some of the ideas from Part 1 into your everyday life!

Another way to build godly character in your kids is to create opportunities for them to serve others. Kids of all ages love having jobs to do and enjoy knowing they have contributed in a tangible way. Let them experience the rewarding feeling of doing something selfless to benefit someone else. Putting your beliefs into action can leave a lifelong impression on your children.

  1. Help a neighbor - ask if there are small tasks your kids could do to lighten the load of a person in need.
  2. Volunteer at a food pantry or community outreach center.
  3. Set up a lemonade stand and give the earnings to a charity of their choice.
  4. Collect food/clothing/toys for the less fortunate - find an organization that your family can support and involve your kids in contributing.
  5. Teach your kids about tithing through an allowance and encourage them to bring their own money to give as an offering at your home church.
  6. Support a foster or adoptive family in your community.
  7. Sponsor a child through a trustworthy Christian organization.
  8. Attend church together as a family and find ways to get involved together in service opportunities.
  9. Teach your children to write encouraging notes to others who have impacted their lives.
  10. Put together care packages, baked goodies, cards or pictures for kids battling illness, soldiers, or elderly residents of a local care facility.

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