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Here are a few of the Podcasts we've been featured on recently!

How to Hire the Right Team at the Right Time
  • Learn how this self-proclaimed workaholic learned to let go of her micromanaging ways, built a team around her, and grew her ecommerce company to 300xs her original goal…. All in today’s interview!
    From humble beginnings in the spare room of her home to products being sold in every Buc-ees franchise across the country, listen in as Brenna shares how her Christian apparel company became a nationally recognized brand in less than ten years.

Wear Scripture on Your Heart – Brenna Milleville

  • On this show, Brenna talks about how God called her to start Elly and Grace, a Christian apparel company. They also discuss the power of authenticity, marketing tips, and some of the many reasons we should be reading our Bibles.
  • In this Episode, Amaris interviews Brenna, a Christian designer, and owner of Elly and Grace. The hesitation. The fear. The unknown, and "what ifs?"
Waiting on Motherhood and Working with your Spouse
  • Brenna Milleville started a t-shirt design company in her home and it's now exploded into the full fledged clothing company, Elly and Grace. Her inspirational and bible-based T's are an amazing reminder of God's grace throughout the day. We also dive into her struggle with infertility and what it's like working with your spouse (something we have in common!) Check our her clothing line at ellyandgrace.com or on IG: @ellyandgrace

    Hope you enjoy!

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