Keeping Focus in the Crazy

As we immerse ourselves in the festive whirlwind of holiday preparations, it's easy to get swept up in the chaos. Amid the dazzling lights, bustling crowds, and endless to-do lists, our hearts might find it challenging to focus on Christ and have a spirit of peace.

One of our customer favorite designs this season is "O Come Let Us Adore Him." It's not just a design on a shirt, but a timeless reminder to redirect our focus to the True Reason for the season. 

O Come Let Us Adore Him

The nativity scene takes us back to that holy night in Bethlehem. Imagine the quiet, the stillness, the hushed awe as the world witnessed the miraculous arrival of the Prince of Peace. In the midst of our bustling lives, this simple yet profound message invites us to pause, breathe, and worship. 


There are many ways to worship outside of the church building. Each action can be a form of worship - even wearing inspirational apparel. This design is a statement to the world that, amidst the holiday hustle, our hearts are anchored in adoration of Him. It's a reminder to ourselves that, in the busyness, we choose to adore Jesus who brings peace that surpasses all understanding.

So, dear friends, let the EllyandGrace items in your closet be more than just shirts. Let them be a declaration of your commitment to keep Christ at the center, not just during the holiday season but in every season of life.

Blessings & Joy,

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