How to Start and Keep a Bible Study Routine

Reading the Bible is so important.

It helps us learn about the character of God, and grow as Christians.

We know that! but actually reading the Bible is harder.

Why? Maybe it's our season of life. Or a discipline issue. Or a time issue.

I asked my Instagram community (@ellyandgrace) why they struggled with reading the Bible and got many of the same answers. If you're also struggling, one of these options below might help you! 

BUT FIRST - Make sure you pray. Heart posture is so important. Ask God to help you prioritize His word. 

To the one who is overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start...

Start with John- you'll learn about the life of Jesus

Or... Start with Ruth- it's a story about how God works everything for our good and his glory, and how he can redeem any situation

Consider a user-friendly translation like an NLT, CSB, or ESV

to the one who is just too busy...

Consider this your gentle nudge to make bible reading a priority.

Are you watching Netflix at night? Take 15 minutes and read your Bible.

Could you read it before you go to bed? Track your time to see where it's going and where you can put your bible time.

to the one who gets distracted by her phone...

Move all your apps to the second screen but keep your app on the first screen.

Set your alarm for when you want to do Bible time and then leave your phone in the other room while you have your time with Jesus.

Turn your phone on focus mode (this is one of my favorites!) so that you won't get any notifications during your Bible time.

to the one who doesn't like reading...

The Bible App has an audio version- you can listen to it in the car or while you're working around the house. Listen and reflect on what you're hearing, just like you would reflect on what you read.

to the one who doesn't understand what she's reading...

Try a trusted commentary or a new translation. The NLT, CSB, and ESV versions are all accurate and very user-friendly.

to the one who is having trouble getting into a routine...

I'm a firm believer in routines! If you want a bible routine but are having trouble starting, I recommend putting your bible where you can see it, setting an alarm, and following a reading plan. Maybe it's a bible study or a "year in the bible". Set a goal!

Give yourself grace but do your best to follow the plan!

to the one who cannot get up early...

Contrary to what Christian influencers say, there isn't a "best time" to read your Bible. I personally do prefer the morning, but determine a time that works best for you! Maybe you read the Bible during lunch. Maybe you listen to the Bible in the car, or maybe it's what you do right before you go to bed. You're not a bad Christian if your bible routine isn't in the morning. 

What is your best tip for starting and keeping a bible study routine? Let's encourage one another in the comments!


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