How to Find Trustworthy Companies on the Internet

We get emails and messages and comments weekly from people who think they have purchased from us...but they have actually purchased from a scammy company.  After someone asked me for some tips on how to avoid these companies, I decided to write them out for everyone.

It's REALLY hard to know who to trust on the internet (and especially through facebook ads!)...but here are a few things to look out for when purchasing items on the internet.

1. Check the "about" page on their website! Make sure the company doesn't just have generic information and that they have specific information- names, where they are located, pictures of real people, etc.

2. Look and see when the company's facebook page was created, and where the page managers are located. This information can be found in the "Page Transparency" section.

3. Google the company or look at the comments on the page. Check out the reviews. Are there real people wearing their clothes? You can also check out their instagram page and see what their tagged photos look like. 

4. See if they have any videos. Videos are the HARDEST thing to fake. 

The following items don't mean the company is a scam, but they are warning signs:

1. Watch out for companies that say "we are closing shop because of .....". Often times, their page was recently created and they are preying on your emotions. You might never get your product.

2. Watch out for companies that offer items for a price that is too good to be true. If it's too good to be true, it likely is!

3. Watch out for companies who have designs that look identical to other companies. There are companies that will prey on customers by taking the most popular designs on instagram/pinterest/facebook and passing them off as their own. If you're wanting to support the original designer, look for companies that have unique looking designs and photos and/or have their tag on the photo.

4. Does the company ever post behind the scenes pictures or videos of shipping, designing, taking photos, or anything related to their business?

Lastly, we only ship through our own website- and we are not affiliated with any other online company. 

I hope these tips help you safely shop online!

Ellyandgrace is a christian and inspirational design company based in Missouri. All of our designs are created by me, and all of our shirts are printed and shipped by our team here in Missouri. Need a gift note? Put it in the notes section at checkout and we will be happy to handwrite it for you! We offer sizes infant- 4XL unisex and love being able to share God's word through our super comfy tees.

We are proud to have an incredible of team of women that print and ship your shirts each day. 


  • Joan Boutwell

    That is why I love to shop with ya’ll. Just wish I had the money to shop more😥

  • Patti Burgess

    Thanks so much! This is valuable information we should all be aware of. Thanks for always being top notch in all you do!

  • Cindy

    Very nice article! I think it will help lots of people. Thank you for explaining how to spot false sites and doing so so clearly. I have never thought of some of them.

  • Deanna Patterson

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. Very timely advice with so much internet shopping.

  • Tiffany Newby

    Thank you, so much for sharing your thoughts and advise with us. May the Lord be with you and your team.

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