His Grace is like Rain

Have you ever gotten drenched in a rainstorm?
I have!

My husband and I went to Jamaica 6 weeks ago with my brother and sister in law- and they are super adventurous (I am NOT!) They decided we should go cliff jumping- and I went along.

We were standing on this beautiful waterfall when it started POURING. Not drizzle. Not sprinkling. Literally like being in a giant shower?

That's what it was like. I was completely drenched (and basically blind because I couldn't see out of my glasses!)
That's what God's love is like.

Every time I see this shirt or think of God's grace, I think of standing on that waterfall and being completely soaked.

His grace is like rain- it completely drenches us.

You can purchase your own Grace Like Rain short sleeve shirt or Grace Like Rain longsleeve shirt.

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  • Cindy Collins

    Love your shirts and have ordered several…. Wish you carried women’s 3X as the 2X is not a true 2X… I end up ordering unisex but the choice is limited. Just wanting to know if this will ever be a consideration. Thank You and wish you continued success. Cindy

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