Guard Your Heart

A couple months ago, I was laying in bed when I was suddenly overtaken by anxiety about Grace turning 2. How all except 2 months of her entire life have been influenced by a global event, out of her control.⁠

How I've been trying so hard to keep her life as normal as I can. The mental stress of her hip dysplasia and all of that. Her next hip appointment was in January...what if she backslides?!..and on and on and on.⁠ (Everything ended up going well.)

I had to tell myself that fear and anxiety was coming from the enemy. I had to guard my heart from those incredibly stressful thoughts, then I was brought peace.

There is only one reason why. Jesus. He is the reason we have hope - through the big stresses and little stresses.⁠

Guard your heart. Trust in Jesus. Hope comes from Jesus.

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