Godly, Wholesome Relationships: Finding Your Tribe

I've come to realize something.
Lately, I've been hurt by someone who used to be close to me, but hasn't been a great friend. I think God is telling me it's time to bless and release this relationship.
This has left me feeling awkward and lonely at times, but then, I got this message from someone else: "I hope you have a fabulous week!"
There are people who will seek a friendship with you and have a genuine interest in your well being. Surround yourself with those people. Don't keep pouring into those who only talk to you when it's convenient or manipulate you into getting what they want.
Find the people who will sit with you during hard times and say, "I'm bringing over ice cream." Find the people who will pray with you, serve with you, and seek God with you.
Pray for those difficult people? Absolutely.
Treat them with kindness? Absolutely.
But as the phrase goes, "Find your tribe, and love them hard."
After all, Jesus had a tribe of 12 that he poured into.
Godly, wholesome relationships.
Find those people.

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