Feeling Unqualified

Please tell me I'm not alone in this! 

Making videos, posting, and sharing about Jesus...sometimes it's hard.⁠

Especially because there are so many people who are more eloquent, more extroverted, more knowledgable than me. ⁠

CAN YOU RELATE? You might feel unqualified to share the Gospel, too. ⁠

Could those thoughts be true? OR are they coming from Satan who doesn't want you to share about Jesus? Or maybe a combination of both?⁠

I used my introverted nature as an excuse for a REALLY long time. (I can't go on a podcast...I can't do an Instagram live....I can't do Instagram reels that show my face...people just want to see pretty pictures of my designs....I can't, I can't, I can't)⁠.

If you're feeling like that, here are some things that have helped me - and I pray they help you too!⁠

1. Stop comparing yourself!⁠

2. Remember that God made you to be uniquely yourself. ⁠

3. Commit to renewing your mind and reading the Word on a regular basis. The best way to feel more confident about sharing about Jesus is to know more of the Bible and what He says.⁠

4. Pray about it! Pray for wisdom, encouragement, and confidence.⁠

5. Encourage others that you see sharing about Jesus. Sometimes, it helps to put the focus on others instead of yourself.⁠

Do you have any tips to add? Let us know below!

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