Dry Bones Come Alive

In a world that often feels parched, where despair can seep into the bones of even the strongest souls, there is a glimmer of hope that shines through the darkness. It's a hope rooted in faith, a hope that tells us that even in the most desolate of times, dry bones can come alive. This message of restoration is captured in our design "Dry Bones Come Alive", inspired by the profound story found in Ezekiel 37. 

The story of dry bones is one of the most powerful and symbolic passages in the Bible. In this narrative, the prophet Ezekiel is brought by God to a valley filled with dry and lifeless bones. It's a haunting sight, representing not only physical death but also spiritual desolation. Ezekiel, in this vision, is given a profound message by God. He is instructed to prophesy over the bones and declare that they will come to life once more. As Ezekiel obeys, an incredible transformation takes place. The bones begin to rattle and assemble, sinews and flesh cover them, and finally, breath is breathed into them. What was once a valley of death becomes a living, breathing army. 

The story of dry bones is a symbol of hope and spiritual renewal. It reminds us that even when our lives may seem devoid of life or purpose, God has the power to breathe new life into us. Just as He brought life to the dry bones in Ezekiel's vision, He can rejuvenate our spirits, mend our brokenness, and guide us toward a brighter, more purposeful future.

So, as you wear this design, let it be a declaration of your faith—a declaration that with God, even the driest of bones can come alive.


  • Patricia

    Just wanted to let you guys know I got my “Dry Bones Come Alive” shirt today and knew it was cute and knew there was a reference in the Bible to “dry bones coming alive” But, honestly, had never really read much into it until I opened the email with the meaning behind the shirt and the story of Ezekiel and WOW!!!! Now I’m even more glad that I got this and definitely needed the reminder that no matter how dry your bones are, God can restore anything!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Rebecca

    Love this shirt and explaining it more. Amazing company and staff!!

  • Nancy Evans

    My favorite passage in the Bible. Powerful!

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