"Do you have Shirts that aren't Religiously Affiliated?"

I love doing Q&A sessions on instagram, and recently I got an interesting one 

"Do you perchance do any that are not religiously affiliated?"

It made me realize that I hadn't ever really talked about this...below is my response.

I used to have a very small line of non Christian shirts when I first started (based around my favorite musical!) and only sold them on etsy, but after a few years I removed them.

As we've grown, I've discovered that I am mainly passionate about designing items that glorify God and point others to Jesus, so it is extremely rare to find a design on this site that isn't religiously affiliated.

Out of our 105 Christmas Items, only one (Merry & Bright) is not religious. It's an older design, and I almost retired it but decided to keep it last minute.

It's hard for me to design something I'm not passionate about. I actually design all of our items (we don't have a team, we don't outsource, and we don't buy SVGS from etsy) 

We have an opportunity to share the gospel every day! And our christian apparel makes it a little easier- even if we are just sharing it with ourselves by looking in the mirror or looking down and reading our shirt.

There are TONS of graphic tees out there that don't point others to Jesus (and some that point away from Him.

You never know who needs to read the message on your shirt. You never know what a stranger is going through- and God can use anyone at any time for His glory.

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    Do you have children, baby or toddler sizes?

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