Choice or Choose?

Recently, while talking with a friend, I made a comment about “It’s like you have tons of bricks thrown on you (memories, circumstances, hurts, etc) but then when one hugs and prays with you or Gods incredible blessings-those bricks are lifted off one to two at a time.

Then I was faced with a situation which could reallllly stir up some of the past bricks that were thrown on me plus add some more.

However, what God kept revealing to me were the words—choice or choose.

Tonight, even though I want to be so incredibly hurt, angry, and frustrated with “today’s church”, I will choose to understand all are human. I can choose to not like their actions, but choose to pray for them instead. I can choose to continue going where Gods calling and fight the battles only He wants me to fight. And this is not one.

Choose. Choose to not comment on someone’s post. Choose to be joyful, even in the midst of all the craziness going on.

Simply choose to live in joy, peace, love, self-control, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

This was written by ellyandgrace team member Tressa Zabel!


  • Modine Wolfe

    I choose to live in joy, peace, love, patience, & kindness.

  • Barbara James

    I love when you listen to the Holy Spirit 😍 When you choose joy, you are filled with joy 💝 Thank you for this wonderful word ❤

  • Agnes

    I choose to be as Christ-like as possible

  • Bonnie Bledsoe

    What a great, inspiring, encouragement! Thanks!!

  • Dinah Haines

    God bless you and me.

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