Beginners Guide to Reading The Bible

Start in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)- They are easy to read, introduce Jesus, and walk through His life. They testify to who our Savior was and is. Some are personal accounts and some second hand/inspired but all have great perspectives. (My personal favorite is John)

Set a time for reading every day- Although reading shouldn’t be something we do only out of habit, creating this kind of habit is actually really great. If you decide to read before work or school, or after dinner think about setting a reminder on your phone. This is so practical for busy lives, often the struggle is simply remembering to take the time. 

Pray about it- This might seem a little silly to some, or overly simple to others. But prayer is not just one-way communication with God, He can change our hearts and minds if we simply ask.

Want help understanding the Bible? Ask.
Want to desire reading the Bible? Ask.
Want help applying what you’re reading? Ask.

Take notes or highlight- For some this can be so helpful in absorbing the content, and for others it helps keep us focused. Try highlighting and underlining parts you like, writing down your questions, making notes about things you feel like God is trying to show you.

Having a bible with note taking margins can be super helpful for this

Try listening- if reading is especially hard for you this tip could be a game changer. You can listen while you're driving, doing the dishes or laundry, or even before bed. Think of it as the best podcast EVER! This is a great way to get yourself familiar with the verbiage and format of the bible. The only thing you would need for this is your phone.

I would recommend still grabbing your physical book to follow along if you can, this gives you the ability to take notes and highlight too.


What are some of your favorite ways to get in The Word? Leave a comment below.

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