A Lot Can Change in a Year: The Ellyandgrace Story

Mitch and I took this photo last fall...using a ladder in the "dining room" (AKA empty space) in our house...I remember being SO proud that I had that many shirts to send out at once.

It makes me smile as I'm writing this caption...because when we took this photo, I was working like crazy in our unfinished basement to print all of your shirts. Mitch helped every night and weekend -- we were so busy and I knew we had to make a change!

But I was scared to take the next step. Mitch convinced me it was a good idea to look for office spaces and hire our first team member...and the rest is history!

A lot can change in a little over a year - now we have an office space and we have the most AMAZING team that helps me create beautiful shirts for you to uplift, inspire and point others to Jesus.


  • LORI Pohl

    Will you or do you carry coffee cups with your BEAUTIFUL SAYINGS ??

  • Beth Karlson

    I just wanted to tell a little bit about my journey. You asked other what my favorite bible verse was and I answered Be still and know that I am God. Now I would like to tell you why it is my favorite. In 2003 at the beginning of the war in Iraq, our oldest son was killed, I cannot express the agony of loosing Warren. That bible verse was my mantra of some very very sad days. Warren was a Christian so I know he is guarding the gates of heaven , and welcoming his brothers and sisters home.

  • Marilyn Bohannan

    Glad to hear you took that leap of faith! Congratulations on your growing success. You have a terrific website and great looking products!

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