6 Months of Grace Elaine

I can't believe Grace is already 6 months old! (well, more than 6 months but better late than never!) 

It's been a whirlwind. When I took Grace to her 4 month well visit, her doctor noticed a hip click, and immediately referred us to a specialist in St. Louis. We found out the next day that she had hip dysplasia. (Which is a fancy way of saying that one of her hips was dislocated).

I was so upset...but I quickly turned thankful when our specialist told us what a good find it was. "Most pediatricians wouldn't have caught this" - he said. 

I was in shock watching her be fitted for a frog leg brace that she would wear 23 hours a day for the next 6 weeks...but on the way home I realized what a miracle it was that she was diagnosed.

her pavlik harness

Her 4 month was in May - right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I almost didn't take her...but something inside me said go. So, I went. Had I not gone, it would be a more serious problem. It was a God thing.

She "graduated" to her Rhino brace when she was 5 1/2 months old after multiple appointments and ultrasounds and is doing really well! She gets to be brace free for 4 hours a day...and she's learned to roll over in the brace.

The brace was the biggest challenge of the past few months. It definitely hurt me more than it hurt her though!

She's not speaking (at least in English) yet, but she loves to squeal and look at things. She loves being outside, bath time, and looking at the trees. She especially loves our dog Sawyer and her dad. She also loves playing with her stacking cups and she's very inquisitive.

Thank you so much for shopping at ellyandgrace! We appreciate you so much, and I'll always tell Grace as she gets older how many people have prayed for her.

Grace's first official ellyandgrace team photo

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  • Kiela Christopher

    God bless your sweet and precious Grace! She is truly a gift 💝 from Heaven. I and my blessings and love to y’all.😘🎈🙏

  • Joy Koons

    What a cute little Miracle! Continued Prayers for her ♡

  • Betty J Monda

    Grace is so cute. She is always smiling in the pictures. Thank you for sharing the pictures and her story with us. I think anytime something happens to our child it hurts us worse than it does them. I didn’t understand when my mom or dad use to tell me when they punished me that it hurt them more than it would be. I just couldn’t understand how it could hurt them more, I was the one being punished. But when I had my child then I understood it completely. I do love the shirts that I get from Ellyandgrace, they are well made and very soft and fit good. Thank you for starting your business and I know that your grandma Carmen is looking down and telling everyone, “that’s my granddaughter, look at her go.”

  • Becky Steinhauer

    May Grace Elaine continue to be the inquisitive, happy child of God as seen in the above team photo. My granddaughter loves the outdoors, and her dogs also, Lyric and Turbo! Blessings to you and your family.

  • Terri DaPonte

    My daughter was also born with hip displasia back in 1981. She was in a cast from her chest to her knee on one side and down to her foot on the other. Im glad things have progressed and though not easy, Grace’s treatment looks a bit more tolerable. Glad she is doing so well!

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