5 Ways to Pray for Others

How can you pray for someone else?

  • Pray for their relationship with Christ.
  • -We know that Jesus should be number one in our lives, especially in our marriage.

    Pray for them to be seeking Him every day, and that they will live their life to please Him!


    1.  Pray for them to stay away from temptations

    There are so many things in our lives today, right in front of our face, all the time that are tempting us. We need to be lifting up others for the Lord to shield their eyes, mind and heart from all of those billboards, ads on TV, magazines in the store checkout line, the internet, among so many other places.

    1. Pray for their health.

    We take our health for granted so many times. Start praying now, if you haven’t already for your their health! Pray for their mental health as well as their physical health.

    1. Pray for them to be a good parent.

    Whether you have children yet or not, you can to pray for them to be a good parent or future parent! Pray that they give their children the attention they need and that they are loving and patient with them. Pray that they will be godly examples to them and that they will learn to grow up to be amazing people who love the Lord! Pray for them to truly see what a blessing their children are!

    1. Pray for their job.

    Pray that they will be a godly example to those they work with and that they do the very  best that they can while they are at work, for God’s glory. Pray that they do their duties the way they should be done and that they will find joy in all that they do - whether they work inside or outside of the home.


    My name is Jessica O’Dell, I am a stay at home, work from home wife and mom!

    I’ve been married to my husband, Michael for 7 years and we have two littles here on earth with us- Sadie Grace, who is four, soon to be five and a sweet little guy, Cooper, who turned two this year.

    We also have a son, our oldest, Colby in heaven. He would be five now, almost six! He passed away on Christmas Eve in 2012 and was stillborn at 39 weeks. It's been a rough journey but God has been with me every step of it and I know He will continue to be.

    I love Elly and Grace and the mission for their adorable, comfy shirts! My first Elly and Grace shirt was a tee shirt that said “Thy will be done”, which is one of my favorite songs! I'm so excited to be a part of their team and spread the love and hope we have in Jesus with them!

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