5 books of the Bible you can read in one day

Looking for your next read, or maybe just a quick break from your study in Leviticus? I recommend these for a one-day study!
  • Haggai - 2 chapters
    • This book will encourage you not to delay obedience when God is speaking to you
    • Themes include: rebuilding the temple and returning from exile
  • 2 John - 1 chapter
    • This book will encourage you to live in the truth and to walk in love.
    • This epistle focuses so much on love, truth, and obedience!
  • Jonah - 4 chapters
    • This book will convict you if you struggle with judging others, and will also remind of the undeserved mercy that God shows us.
    • Themes include: being faithful to the call of God and maintaining a righteous attitude
  • Ruth - 4 chapters
    • This book will remind you that God's timing isn't always ours, but that He works all things out for our good.
    • This historical narrative focuses on redemption, love, and faithfulness
  • 1 Peter - 5 chapters
    • This book will encourage you through suffering. It will remind you of your identity in Christ and refresh your spirit.
    • Themes include: living in holiness and looking ahead to everlasting things

Make sure to save this post for when you don't know what to read next!

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